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Fee Negotiation

Are you frustrated with your insurance reimbursements? Would you like to get paid more from your insurance carriers? Do you want to give yourself a raise?

If your practice is like most, your expenses are increasing and you’re  facing a steady stream of lower reimbursements from insurance companies year after year. Let us negotiate higher fees from insurance companies that can get you paid more without additional time, procedures or efforts from you!

To perform this service, ACG has partnered with experts that offer decades of experience handling negotiations with a wide variety of carriers.  Our joint mission is to manage these processes on your behalf and increase your bottom line, thereby enabling you and your team to focus on providing quality driven healthcare.

Common misconceptions about this process:
  • Insurance companies won’t negotiate

  • PPOs don’t need me

  • I’m just a number

  • I have no leverage

Prior to the negotiation, we will request key data from your office to determine with which carriers we feel we will have the most success. Not every carrier will negotiate and every dental practice has a different landscape.

Additionally, we will request your UCR (Usual and Customary Fees) office fees which may be used over the course of our negotiation. If you are a new practice and do not yet have these fees, we will provide suggested starting points for your practice.

NO RISK ALL REWARD:  Our negotiation services are offered on a pay-for-performance or contingency basis. We are only paid on the success we achieve for you! This is a unique value proposition! With our average negotiated increases at 7% – 12%, we work to ensure we don’t leave money on the table!

Let us review your practice profile and determine the areas in which we are able to assist you in increasing your bottom line!

Request a free consultation to see how this service will benefit your practice!!

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